Walk-in tub with an outward swinging door

Why You Need an Outward Opening Door on Your Walk-In Tub

According to the CDC, an estimated 234,094 nonfatal bathroom injuries were treated in the U.S in 2008, making the bathroom one of the most dangerous areas in the home. To help reduce this issue, manufacturers created the walk-in tub. Generally, there are two types of walk-in tubs – ones with inward opening doors and ones with outward opening doors. Below are details to help you decide which door is best for you.

The Different Kinds of Bathtub Doors

Inward opening doors open into the tub and are the most common type of walk-in tub door.


  • Because the door swings inward, you can have more practical space in small bathrooms
  • When the tub fills with water,  pressure builds against the door, sealing it tightly.
  • The lock on the door prevents any accidental opening and the tub door will not open until all the water is out of the tub.


  • Because the door swings into the tub, moving around in the tub may be more difficult.

Outward opening doors open into the room and not into the tub and are often preferred.


  • Navigating within the tub is more comfortable with an outward opening door.
  • Tubs with outward opening doors are wheelchair-accessible, making them best for people with mobility issues. Users can more easily transfer from the chair into the tub.   


  • The door swings out into the room, which may interfere with other items in the room, depending on the layout of the bathroom.
  • The water doesn’t have to be completely drained from the tub for the door to open, which means water may flow onto the floor if the user is not careful.
American Standard Walk-In Tub Outward Opening Door

The Benefits of an American Standard Walk-In Tub

At  American Standard, we believe in providing customers with comfort and safety. With the option of having an outward opening door on some of our walk-in tub models, users with limited mobility can now safely and efficiently enter the tub. These tubs are spacious and offer many safety features including a textured tub floor, a sturdy grab bar and a trouble-free transfer for wheelchairs.

Our tubs also feature our patented American Standard Quick Drain® system, which allows for faster water removal, reducing the time spent waiting to exit the tub. American Standard Walk-In Tubs with outward opening doors are constructed for durability and strength. Each tub is premium cast with acrylic and fiberglass reinforcement and built on a strong steel frame.

Many consumers choose to purchase walk-in tubs with outward opening doors because they are safe, provide a more comfortable bathing experience, and are made to last. We have outward opening door models available with wider doors designed for easier transfer from a wheelchair. This sets us apart from other manufacturers and echoes our commitment to providing a safe, comfortable bathing experience for all.

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