How American Standard Became the Name you can trust

How American Standard Became The Name You Can Trust

Want to know the benefits of choosing American Standard? As in, what do you actually get when you choose one of our walk-in tubs? Besides a relaxing way to bathe in your home, we provide quality, of course. You get an extensive list of safety features and therapeutic benefits; plus, one of the best warranties in the industry. In case you didn’t know, we offer the only lifetime warranty, which covers the walk-in bath and installation, including labor. For life. (The saying is to truly know us is to truly love us.)
It all starts with American Standard’s rich history, which sets us apart from our competitors.  When it comes to providing bath and kitchen solutions for everyday use, this is not our first rodeo. Consider us oldies, but goodies. We’re seasoned and confident in creating top-of-the-line bathing and bathroom products and offering can’t-be-beat customer service.
American Standard has been around for years, over 140 to be more specific, and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. We’re feeling good right where we are.

Back to Our Roots

What started as Tin Ware Shop in the late 1800s purchased by John B. Pierce, a rather good-looking fellow, has grown and evolved to become the dedicated and trusted brand American Standard is today. It’s probably safe to say he’d be proud of how things turned out.
Right before the turn of the century, Standard Manufacturing joined forces with Ahrens & Ott Manufacturing and Myler Manufacturing to become Standard Sanitary. This merger resulted in a production of 150 tubs a day and went on to become the largest plumbing goods supplier in the world. No easy feat.
From there, we added color to our tubs for variety. We continued with other mergers and even lent support to America in WWII by producing 2.5 million hand grenades and 75 million cast iron nose pieces for bombs in the 1940s. And that was in addition to our kitchen and plumbing appliances.

Talk about a Revolution

By the late 1970s, we had reached operations in more than 20 countries and continued to pave the way as the world’s largest plumbing manufacturer. Over time, we’ve managed to stay ahead of trends with regards to production, materials, aesthetics, and other special components that make American Standard manufacturing, including our walk-in tubs, like no other on the market today.
In short, we revolutionized the way people bathe. People were tired of sitting cold and wet waiting for their tub to drain, so we developed an aptly named Quick Drain® system to take care of the problem in under two minutes. Consumers were keen on the option of customizing their bathing experience. So, we installed 44 strategically placed jets to ease their aches and pains in the areas they needed them most.
Because let’s face it, you don’t become a household name without listening to your customers and making sure you’re responding to their requests. Why would we stick with the same game plan, when we have all this new technology at our disposal? We’re a company of action, always have been. And, it’s far easier when you start with a strong foundation like ours.

Raising the Standard

What hasn’t changed, though, is our work ethic and sense of pride in the products we create. We are driven by the opportunity we have to provide customers day-to-day solutions that help them feel safer, more comfortable, and more independent in their homes.
The American Standard name has been a brand people have trusted from generation to generation, household to household. Our company’s history and reputation are some of the many benefits of choosing our brand for your walk-in tubs needs. History has a way of repeating itself, which in our case, has worked out to be a good thing.

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