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What Kind of Caregiver Are You? [Quiz]

So, what makes you a good caregiver? Our latest quiz sets out to give you the answer. Every day, caregivers set their own needs and desires aside in favor of those in their care. It’s an extremely challenging undertaking, one that many simply aren’t fit to do. Yet, millions of people around the world serve as caregivers. Whether working independently, for a home care agency, or simply out of obligation to your family or simple kindness of your heart, caregivers save and enrich lives every day.
As you know, caregiving is a tough job. No two days are alike, even with routine on your side. While the duties change according to need, everyone has their own care style, motivations, strategies, and preferences.
What is it that those in your care value most? Is it your abiding compassion? Your attentiveness and resolve? Perhaps it’s your dependability that really sets you apart; you may be the type to always show up and make the time count. Others have a higher level of emotional intelligence, and possess that giving nature that just comes naturally.

Caregiving Styles and Priorities

Everyone has a general caregiving style. However, the recipient does play a big role in how a caregiver performs their duties. Beyond that, what are your priorities? What is the most rewarding facet of your duties?
Is it the simple, yet often challenging act of making someone smile? Do you love being that helping hand or sturdy rock for someone who can’t help but see everyday tasks as a great burden? Maybe you love having a constant companion, and get just as much out of the relationship as they do.  To some, providing life-enhancing care is what it’s all about.

Types of Caregivers

There are four main categories of caregivers: facilitators, balancers, advocates, and directors. While no one way is the right way, the care recipient is the key factor in determining how to approach care in a given situation.
Here’s a look at the four main types:
1. Facilitator: You focus on emotional health of care recipients and practice one-on-one, hands-on activities.
2. Balancer: You like to keep things orderly, repetitive, and familiar, preserving the quality of life for all involved and making use of environmental controls.
3. Advocate: You remain vigilant about their well-being and advocate when problems arise. Your style is all about monitoring, observing, and staying flexible in your response. You are careful not to provide more assistance than needed.
4. Director: Your style is focused on physical health, as everything else depends on it. You zero in on nutrition, imperative medical routines, mental health, and hygiene. You also want to ensure that they are advised on daily self-care.
Not everyone falls neatly into one of these categories. So we can look at it from a more human standpoint.
Which one sounds like you?

  • The Guiding Hand: You are a guide for their lives, leading every step of the way.
  • The Dependable Rock: You are sturdy to the core, a rock between those in your care and the hard place they would find themselves in without you.
  • Captain Compassion: You have a great understanding for what people go through. Your empathy sets you apart.
  • The One-Person Care Team: You do the job of multiple people. Many wonder how and why you do it.
  • The Dream Giver: You are the ultimate caregiver. Nobody compares.

Do you aim to keep those in your care as independent as possible? Or do you advise them to take things slow so you can focus on your job, with safety as a top priority? A lot depends on the state of their health. Many caregivers allow patients to do things for themselves only when they feel it necessary, while others prioritize physical support and mental empowerment. And there’s those who rely on expert recommendations and turn knowledge into action.
Regardless of type, all caregivers are superheroes. Few jobs are more draining, but also more rewarding. Your purpose and passion for the roles and responsibilities might best be identified in how you greet the person you care for every morning. Is it with coffee? A hug? A nice stroll?
It’s time to find out, once and for all, what type of superhero/caregiver you are!

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