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Your Guide to Bathroom Safety Improvements for Every Budget

When it comes to accidents in the home, your bathroom is statistically the most dangerous place in your house. With 70 percent of home injuries taking place in the bathroom, it’s important to invest in the right bathroom safety accessories — especially if you’re planning to age in place. There are a variety of options that can significantly improve the safety of your bathroom, no matter how much time and money you want to spend.

Quick and Easy Bathroom Additions

Making your bathroom safer doesn’t have to start with a total bathroom remodel. With these simple bathroom safety accessories, you can minimize the dangers of slippery floors and surfaces in an effective yet subtle way. You can install these bathrooms safety accessories yourself or with the help of a friend or family member in just a few minutes.

Grab Bars

Grab bars around your shower, tub, and toilet can provide you with added support in your bathroom. You can use them to keep your balance, help you get up, and prevent yourself from falling down. These bathroom safety accessories are available in a variety of lengths, textures, and styles, allowing you to find the right model to suit your physical needs and bathroom decor. 
Don’t think that your towel bar is an effective alternative! Grab bars are specifically designed to hold your weight. Please note that stick-on models are less effective than bolt-on grab bars. Be sure to follow the instructions for your bath and shower grab bar installation. The instructions will also help you decide your shower and bathtub grab bar placement.

Traction Items

Traction items are important bathroom safety accessories for all homes as they prevent slips and falls. In addition to keeping your bath clean and free from soapy residue, consider adding a non-slip mat to the bottom of the tub.
Already have throw rugs on your bathroom floor for when you get out of the bath? These may actually be creating more hazards, as you could trip over their loose corners. Secure these rugs to your bathroom floor with grip strips. You can also get microfiber and gel-filled rugs that grip tiled surfaces and take the opportunity to upgrade the look of your bathroom! 

Easy-Access Shelving 

Bending and reaching for bathroom products can increase your risk of slips and falls. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution for that. Ensure that everything you use in the bathroom is within easy reach. This may involve simply reorganizing your items on the counter or buying some extra bathroom safety accessories.
If you don’t have much countertop space, you can install shelves at a similar height so you won’t have to reach for items. The shower is another great place to add a shelf or a caddy so you can limit the amount of movement you need to make in the shower. Soap dispensers are another option. They’re simple to install and you won’t have to bend down to retrieve a slippery bottle that can be easily dropped.
Easy-access bathroom shelving

Helpful Bathroom Changes

Do you need a little more safety and support in your bathroom? These bathroom safety accessories are more robust, making them an excellent next step to take. You may need the help of a craftsman to install them or a carer or family member to set them up for you. After that, you’ll need less assistance in the bathroom than ever.

Raised Toilet Seat

If you’re starting to find it more difficult to get up from a chair, using a standard-height toilet may also become trickier. Even if you’ve installed grab bars, you might need more support. The good news is that you don’t need to replace your entire toilet unit for one with a higher seat.
A raised toilet seat can add the extra height you need to be able to sit down with ease. Some models allow you to adjust the height to suit your changing needs, and many of these bathroom safety accessories include sturdy padded handles on either side of the seat. This makes it even easier for you to lower yourself down and get back up again. 

Shower Accessories

Standing for long periods and being careful to avoid slips can make your daily shower less relaxing and more like hard work. A shower seat with a back can help you enjoy your shower without any of the safety risks and stress.
A handheld shower wand can also make it easier for you to bathe in your shower seat. These lightweight bathroom safety accessories have long hoses, allowing you to control the water spray on your body as you relax in a comfortable seated position. You can add a shower wand to almost any shower head.

Safety Tub Step

If getting in and out of the bath is your biggest difficulty, a Safety Tub Step could be the bathroom safety accessory you need. Adding a standard safe step to your bath allows you to step directly into the tub to shower. You can also get a combo safety step that includes a watertight door. This makes it safe and easy for you to take a bath without having to remodel your bathroom.
An American Standard Safety Tub Step is fully installed within one day by a certified craftsman. You also get a free grab bar and slip-resistant floor mat with your purchase to help make your whole bathroom safer!

Super-Safe Bathroom Installations

If you’re looking to ensure your independence as you get older or you’re a caregiver to someone in your home, you may be interested in a more extensive bathroom installation. This option will provide ultimate safety and peace of mind for years to come.

Walk-in Tub 

There’s nothing like a soak in a warm bath — and you shouldn’t have to give up that experience as you get older. A bath can provide the therapy you need for mobility issues, aches, and pains. Walk-in tubs are designed so you can bathe in confidence and total safety. They combine many of the features of the bathroom safety accessories we’ve already mentioned.
Walk-in tubs have a door and low threshold for easy access. You don’t have to worry about stepping over a high bathtub rim and onto a slippery surface. You can simply enter the tub, sit down, and relax as the water submerges you. Once you’ve finished bathing, you can quickly drain the water and walk out of the tub without any assistance.
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