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Travel Fatigue: What to do When You Need a Vacation After Your Vacation

When you go on vacation, you are escaping the pressures of everyday life and retreating to a place of serenity. You spend time exploring new places, trying new food, and getting in some quality time with those you’re traveling with. But once the trip’s over, travel fatigue sets in. If you’ve ever felt like you need a vacation after your vacation, these tips are for you. Learn how to relax and get back to feeling like yourself after a trip.  

Tip 1 – Prep the House

Before going on vacation you might have to pack and confirm travel arrangements, but you should also prep your house. When you get back from vacation, you don’t want to have to clean the house, grocery shop, or do any other daily tasks that will consume your energy. To help keep you from feeling the travel fatigue, try doing these small tasks before you leave. 

  • Weatherize your home – Even for summer vacations, you should still consider the weather before you head out. Make sure everything in your home is protected from the sun. If you have a smart A/C, you can set it to an eco-friendly temperature to make sure your home is still comfortable without having to pay too much for cooling while you’re gone. 
  • Take out the trash. Make sure to take all the trash out before you go, empty the dishwasher, and make sure you don’t have any food sitting out. The last thing you want to come home to is pests invading your house. 
  • Stock your pantry. Don’t go and buy any items that may spoil, but buy things that will be okay when you’re gone for a few days. This way, you have food when you get home and you won’t have to run to the store immediately. 

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Tip 2 – Take Care of Yourself on the Trip

Taking care of yourself while you travel is essential to feeling your best, both during your trip and when you get back. Here are some tips on traveling healthily to avoid travel fatigue when you get home:

  • Eat nutritious foods – Vacations are a time to enjoy new things but don’t go overboard on the unhealthy food and drinks. Savor some of the local cuisines, but don’t forget to incorporate healthy salads, protein, and water into your meals. This is especially important when spending time at the airport. Pack your own snacks so you’re not tempted by that alluring bag of chips or candy. 
  • Be comfortable – When traveling, don’t forget to pack a little blanket, travel pillow, and earbuds. These three items are lifesavers. Taking advantage of rest on trains, flights, and even in the car can keep you alert during your trip.

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Tip 3 – Schedule Downtime

When you’re traveling to a new place, it’s tempting to plan activities for every moment of the day and not enjoy some downtime. But this hectic schedule is one component of travel fatigue. Instead, try these tips:

  • Prioritize the essentials – Limit each day to 2 or 3 activities or events. Doing this will help you conserve energy and keep you focused on the things you actually want to do.
  • Take a break – Schedule at least an hour or two a day to just relax. Enjoy a local coffee shop, go see a movie, or sit at a museum and collect yourself. This is especially important if you’re traveling to a place with a higher elevation or major time change. If you’re taking a red-eye flight, don’t be afraid to relax for the first day of your trip. You’ll be a lot less stressed when you finally do head out.  

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Tip 4 – Plan Something Fun for When You Get Back

Too many people come home and have nothing else to do but get back to the usual grind. Find a new hobby, plan a new trip, or start on a new vacation plan. Having something to look forward to will make coming back a little easier. 
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Tip 5 – Have a Spa Day When You Get Back

One of the best ways to combat travel fatigue is to ease back into your daily life when you get back. Scheduling a spa day or relaxing in a nice warm bath is a great way to take care of any sore muscles, regain your strength, and hit the ground running when you’re back at work or tending to other obligations. After everything you did on your vacation, it’s a good idea to treat yourself to a relaxing day when you get back.  A staycation after a long trip is just what the doctor ordered.
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Vacations are a great way to break up the summer and they provide an escape from the daily routine. But, it’s important to listen to your body and relax to avoid getting travel fatigue. Incorporating the few tips above before, during, and after a trip can help you stay energized and ready for the next adventure.

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