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The Digital Senior: The Best Technology for Seniors

Thanks to technological advances, getting older isn’t what it used to be. Modern technology allows seniors to live in comfort and safety wherever they choose, whether that be at home alone, with family, or in a senior care facility. Technology for seniors is growing so quickly that by 2030, experts expect aging tech to be a $30 billion market. This tech can help bridge the digital generation gap and allow for increased independence and a higher quality of life.
Since it’s become increasingly easier for seniors to integrate technology into their homes, there’s an abundance of useful gadgets to choose from. Here are some of the best senior technology options on the market:

Useful Tech Gadgets for the Elderly

1. Senior Tablet

It comes as no surprise that mobile technology provides many new ways to improve the lives of seniors. Using Samsung Knox, Breezie has created senior-friendly tablets with a simplified user experience where technicians and approved family members can access the device remotely to provide training and tech support. Breezie offers a new platform for senior care facilities that enables care providers to deliver personalized services, medical information and disease management education to residents through a simple tablet interface.

2. ELLIQ Active Aging Companion

Keeping seniors active and engaged at home just got easier with the ELLIQ Active Aging Companion. This device allows seniors to connect with their families through video calls and social media messages, and play online games at the same time.

3. Vision Enhancements

Independent living for seniors can be more difficult with vision impairments. But new virtual reality technology can provide seniors with a clearer view of the world around them by using visual aids. Brands like IrisVision have integrated vision-enhancement software into Samsung Gear VR headsets with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The software can be customized for specific low-vision conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts and severe myopia. Images from the smartphone camera are then recreated to be viewed more easily based on the user’s unique vision problems.
Senior Man Using Vision Enhancement Technology, IrisVision

4. Hearing Enhancements

Don’t let seniors get left out of the conversation. Hearing aids are increasingly more discreet and better at filtering out background noise. Phonak hearing aids are even Bluetooth-enabled and sync with smart TVs and smartphones. With the Phonak mobile app, users can turn their hearing aids into wireless speakers to hear everything clearly.

5. Caregiver Monitoring

Home monitoring systems allow family members to check on loved ones at all times of the day with various tracking systems and sensors. Some of these devices will also automatically turn off appliances and activate medication dispensers that ensure you take the right amount of medication at the right time. These systems cost around $100-200 for installation and include a monthly monitoring fee of around $20.

6. Security Cameras and Surveillance

Investing in a smart home camera allows you to see what is happening in your home or who’s at the door, no matter where you are. Many smart home cameras provide two-way audio and motion alerts, which are great for seniors. One of the leading brands, Nest, offers cameras for both indoor and outdoor use.
Video Surveillance with Mobile Connectivity for Seniors

7. Smart Video Doorbell

Similar to security cameras and surveillance, a smart video doorbell is a useful gadget for the elderly because it allows them to see who is at their door through an app on their phone. Ring’s Video Doorbell offers motion-activated alerts, 1080HD video (and recording) and two-way talk. This device helps you keep watch over your house via Wi-Fi (and cellular connectivity), whether you’re inside the house or on the other side of the world.

8. Smart Vacuum

Mobility is often a challenge with aging adults and pushing a heavy vacuum cleaner can prove to be problematic. However, chores still need to get done. A vacuum robot can help seniors with their independence. Clean your floors with the touch of button with one of these great smart vacuum options.

9. Anti Scald Device

Otherwise known as a temperature-activated flow reducer, these attach to a faucet or shower head to ensure the water stays at a safe temperature. Installation is easy and will eliminate worries about scalding and burns due to extremely hot water.

10. Can Opener for Seniors

Switching to an electric can opener isn’t always the best option for seniors due to complications like charging with using these appliances. This Resource For Cooking manual can opener is made for people with hand mobility issues.

11. Jar Opener

Put an end to hazardous gripping and twisting and open jars with ease. One of these automatic jar openers allows strain-free access to jars and is an extremely useful gadget for everyone, including seniors.

12. Smart Toilets

Upgrade your bathroom experience to feel like your own personal day spa. The SpaLet AT200 luxury dual-flush toilet provides top-tier luxury with bidet functions designed to pamper. Complete with a heated seat for your ultimate comfort, this top-of-the-line technology is all encapsulated in a sleek design.
The best technology for seniors is simply those that make their lives (and the lives of the people around them) simpler. Technology doesn’t have to be a daunting concept. Thanks to these useful devices, seniors can live independently with ease, comfort, and a sense of security.

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