21.8 Million Americans Have Suffered Bathroom Injuries Costing Over $67.3 Billion In Lifetime Medical Expenses

21.8 Million Americans Have Suffered Bathroom Injuries Costing Over $67.3 Billion In Lifetime Medical EDiscover the cost-effective solution to reduce the risk of dangerous bathroom falls.

A relaxing bath feels great after a long day, but the simple act of bathing can be a surprising source of stress for many seniors. Every year, millions of Americans suffer from bathroom injuries. And the risk only increases with age, peaking with seniors over the age of 85.

When it comes to accidents in the home, your bathroom is statistically the most dangerous place in the house. The UK Berkley school of health found 70% of home injuries took place in the bathroom. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 235,000 people visit emergency rooms annually due to bathroom injuries, with more than a third of those occurring while bathing or showering. These disturbing numbers have led experts to look into specific recommendations to help reduce the frequency of dangerous bathroom falls. 

3 Steps to Bathroom Safety

“The highest injury rate is among people aged 65 and older, and injuries occur most frequently when people are in or getting out of the tub or shower,” C.D.C. epidemiologist Judy A. Stevens explains. According to her report, anyone who experiences bathing insecurity should consider three key preventative measures to dramatically improve bathroom safety.

  1. Asking a loved one or caregiver for assistance bathing
  2. Adopting safer methods and routines when bathing
  3. Installing and properly using bathroom safety equipment 

With Over 150 Years of Experience, American Standard Is The Leader In Bath Safety

For seniors who plan to age in place and maintain their independence, investing in the right bathroom safety equipment is of utmost importance. Some solutions are relatively simple, such as grab bars, shower seats and right-height toilets. However, a walk-in tub is the single most effective bathroom safety improvement to help prevent bathing injuries.

An American Standard walk-in tub is designed to create a safer, more convenient bathing experience. Rather than stepping into the bathtub, you just open the door, walk into their tub and fill it with water. The ADA seat height provides a comfortable bathing position, and the 44 air and water jets work joints and muscles to reduce pain and improve mobility. And once you’re finished, patented Quick Drain® technology empties the tub fast so you stay warm and relaxed.

Right now, American Standard is offering $1,500 in savings PLUS no interest & no payments for 12 months* on a state-of-the-art walk-in tub. That includes professional installation and a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

With both inward and outward opening doors and 5 sizes the Liberation Walk-In by American Standard has an option to suit your needs.

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